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1994 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.1LSFI OHV Electrical Issue!

I have recently started to have a major electrical issue and I don’t know what the problem is… while driving at times the battery gauge will dive very quickly and everything will dim… then all of a sudden it will come back to full charge… I’m also having issue’s with my breaks or possibly my ABS system as the light stays on at all times now and sometimes the light that show’s you have the E-Break on will stay on and my battery will not stay charged… and most recently a mechanic said that I need an EGR valve for sure… will that cause electrical issues?? Of course nothing else went wrong while the dealer had it… but most recently I have noticed that when I turn the key, nothing happens… but if I turn on my lights… tada!!! Please someone help… LoL… nobody has been able to tell me what’s going on… and a scan found nothing…

Have someone test the charging system and the battery. If the alternator is going bad it could do exactly what you describe while you’re driving. Until you know the battery and the alternator are both good you may as well ignore the other stuff. Nothing will work correctly with a bad battery or a bad alternator.

Auto parts stores will often perform the battery and alternator tests free.

Well now here’s a thing… battery is 100% alt is 100%… EGR valve=bad intake=bad… so I’ve decided to do my own trial and error… pulled the ABS fuse out… the car so far is running better than it has in a long time… battery fully charged ALL the time now… does not flicker/dim for any reason and I’ve been purposely running all electrical items to try and kill it… so far so good!!!