1994 Mazda Miata MX-5 AC compressor

Shop tells me my A/C compressor is dead. How does one determine that vs whether you just need a re-charge? Approx what should it cost me to replace the compressor? Thanks!

Why ask how you determine a dead compressor vs low charge? If you don’t trust what your shop tells you, take your car someplace else for a second opinion.

BTW, no or low pressure in the system says leak, no high pressure on the high pressure port says broken compressor. Depending on how broken, trash could be blown throughout your AC system. So $500 to more than $1500 depending on where you live.

Location has a large part of price and besides you may need other parts also. As Mr. Mustang says get a second opinion .

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have access to tools to test compression myself. Honestly, this car has not required any serious mechanical work since I acquired it many moons ago so I haven’t sourced a local shop. I live in NYC and took the car to a local shop to get their opinion. I have experience with replacing A/C compressors on any of the cars I’ve owned so I’m a little at sea as to what I ought to expect to spend. I was quoted around $700 to put in a rebuild unit and to charge it up. Just trying to take the temperature of the collective mind to see if this number makes sense.

If anyone would care to suggest a good mechanic in Westchester or Rockland counties in NY State I’d be happy to check them out.

Check the “mechanics files” on the main cartalk.com page for recommendations.