1994 Lincoln Continental - low oil pressure, or not?

when the car gets up to normal operating temp, it will randomly say that there is low oil pressure. i can turn off the car sit a few minutes then continue driving and will be fine. it holds pressure at idle but drops when driving.

Either the oil pressure sender is failing or your engine is failing. Have the oil pressure actually measured with a real gauge rather than a sender. Drive it around with that real gauge and determine if, indeed, the engine is not getting enough oil pressure cold, hot, idle and higher RPM.

I’d have given you a better answer if you had told me how many miles were on this car in the original post.

it has 133,402 miles. I got this car from my grandma who was a snow bird for the whole time she had the car from when she bought it brand new. I sat in her garage for six months of the year, the other six months it was driven on the highway about twenty miles to town one a week to get groceries. I have grown up with this car. i have changed out the pressure sensor.

Based on that an the fact your pressure sensor has been changed, the advice is still the same, you need the pressure checked with a real mechanical gauge so you know what is actually happening. The pressure relief in the oil pump could easily be gummed up and causing the pressure to drop because it can’t close. That will destroy the engine is short order if that is the problem. If it is worn bearings a new engine may be in order.