1994 Lexus LS 400 worth fixing?

i have a 94 lexus ls400. it was hard to start and i took to the dealer. very clean inside and out with just over 100,000.the ecu relau power in 10 causes fuel pump to operate in 5.ov. needs new instrument cluster, dash lights work sometimes later on it will need front lower ball joint alignment valve cover gaskets,spark plugs and seals.the trac light is off needsdistributor cap,rotors,timing belt with wires.power steering leaks and needs rack replacement. they say it costs too much to repair but my son can do the work so only parts will cost. is this car worth fixing.i am older lady and will not be driving too many more years. thanks glovee

It depends on how much it will cost. The car’s worth somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000. If you can get the work done for less than that, and the car isn’t rusty, then it’s probably worth it.

But based on the list of things it needs, it sounds like the car hasn’t had regular maintenance in awhile, if ever. As such, it may be uneconomical to fix it up now.