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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Has 192,00 miles on it,

How long do the front wheel bearing last ?? and when should they be changed out ??

“How long do the front wheel bearing last ??”

This varies so much from make to make, and also depending on usage and maintenance, that it is impossible to quantify with accuracy.

“and when should they be changed out ??”

Before they seize up.

Seriously, however, regardless of odometer mileage, if your wheel bearings are becoming noisy or giving other symptoms of impending failure, you need to have them checked (and replaced if necessary) by your mechanic, as this is a safety issue.

With over 190k miles on the odometer, I would not be at all surprised by the need to replace wheel bearings, and–in fact–they may already have been replaced at least once.

Jeep grand cherokee 4wd…

I have noticed the front aluminum wheels seems to be very hot after even a short trip.

I would guess time to change out the wheel bearings.

Doesn’t sound like wheel bearings to me, Curt. Bad wheel bearings will usually rumble while you’re driving, usually getting louder & quieter while turning the steering wheel. Heat sounds like more of a brake issue, ie lack of lubrication, hose or caliper hanging up, & not allowing brakes to release completely. Another thing to check for would be a frozen caliper pin.