1994 Ford Escort Wagon

I’m really frustrated with this car because it overheats everytime I drive it even if its a short distance, it doesnt leak, any suggestions?

Install a new thermostat. Thermostats are really inexpensive and a new one may solve your problem.

This must surely be a widespread problem with the '94 Escort, because you are the second person to post about the same issue in just a few minutes!

Also, have the water pump action confirmed. It is possible, although improbable, that the impellers of the water pump are rusted off or broken off. This is the single most important part of the cooling system. It is essential to keep the water flowing to cool the engine.

Another thing to look at is the radiator. A plugged or partially clogged radiator will not have the capacity to cool, and the coolant will just keep heating up.

I was thinking/hoping that it is the thermostat, Thankyou for your suggestions

Besides the thermostat, you might want to replace the radiator cap. If the old one’s not holding pressure the coolant will boilover at a lower temperature.

Ed B.

And, clean everything. heat transferal occurs better from clean heat producing items. This includes de-greasing the engine block ( grease layer acts as isulating blanket ) and backwashing through the radiator fins etc. Check all the air flow areas like those radiator and a/c condenser fins and repair ( they make a radiator fin comb to re-align the spaces between fins ) or replace as needed. Check inside the radiator for proper flow and the other advice here as well.