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1994 Ford 250

I am thinking of buying a 1994 Ford 250 with 67,000 miles on it. It was only used to pull a 5th wheeler for annual vacations. Would this cause a lot of wear and tear on the transmission? It is in very good condition.

Thanks -

What size engine ? The transmission (automatic?) was designed to absorb considerable punishment…Fuel mileage will be poor…

The engine is a 450 automatic with 2 fuel tanks. Asking price is $4500

sounds good to me.

Without knowing if it was properly equipped with a tow package and knowing the size of the 5th wheel, it’s impossible to guess. Knowing its maintenance history would also help.

I think you mean “460” for the engine, right?

Why do you want such a gas thirsty pickup? What will you use it for?

yeah fords have 460 s for sure, never heard of a 450 in one.
i m pretty sure with big motor it was set up to tow

Depends on your needs out of this truck. If you’re not planning on towing anything really heavy I’d continue looking. I got my 2003 v6 2 wheel drive for 4300. Does have 118K now, but its going strong. I think you may be able to do better for the money. Yes the miles are low but that means its been barely driven through its life, which if its sat for a while means problems. Older vehicles regardless of miles also have rubber and plastic degradation. Things will need replacing I’m sure just due to age alone. Maybe you can talk them down a little if you’re really set on this one, but otherwise I’d look around some more.