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1994 dodge spirit white smoke cloud

My dodge spirit has 80,000 miles on it. i love this little car, however, yesterday for some reason while driving my radiator reservoir started to overflow. I didn’t notice at the time, but when i got home there was water in the engine compartment and it was obvious that it had come from the reservoir. This morning I went out to drive the car and at first the engine shook a little but then started running smoothly, when I backed out i noticed a rather large cloud of white smoke (water in the engine) I immediately turned off the car. I have a feeling i will need to rebuild this car’s engine. anyone have any thoughts or know what i should expect to pay for this repair?

Why do you think the engine needs to be rebuilt?

First thing to do is have your mechanic test for a leaking head gasket. The head gasket, if leaking, can be replaced for much less than the cost of rebuilding the engine.

These Are Great Cars.
Which Engine Do You Have ? Is It A 4-Cylinder Or V-6 ?


its a 4 cylinder

Was The Cloud Of Smoke Coming From The Rear Of The Car (Tailpipe) ? I Don’t Know Where You Live And Repairs Can Vary, But I’d Guess You’d Be Looking At $400 To $650 For a head gasket replacement.

These are good engines, your’s is low miles, and if the car wasn’t overheated so much as to damage the engine then it’s possible a head gasket is what is needed, but the car’s problem has to be properly diagnosed, first.

If it does need a head gasket, I’d definitely have the timing belt replaced and consider a new water pump and timing belt tensioner pulley. These parts have to be accessed anyhow, to do the gasket.

As you’re aware, the car shouldn’t be operated until it’s repaired.


thanks a lot, 650 is within my budget, i will mention the other parts when i have the service done. the cloud did come from the tailpipe.

Agree with others that this is likely a leaking head gasket. The Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim are probable some of the best cars Chrysler ever built. I’d spend $600-$700 or so to fix it properly.

A guy down the street has one that his kids drive; probably inherited it from grandpa. It seems to run all the time.