1994 Dodge Colt - Should I junk it?

Hi! My car is acting very peculiar. hen I accelerate and shift into 1st gear, the RPMs go super high and the car makes a revving noise. Then it starts jerking forward, and then stalls and shuts off, and the clutch pedal jams up. What is wrong with my car, can it be fixed, and should I junk it?

A 1994 Dodge Colt still on the road , that is impressive. Sounds like clutch and transmission problems . As for fix or junk that would be a decision to make after you have a shop give you an estimate of cost . Of course that will have a diagnostic fee and if they can find parts.


Offhand I suspect you have a bad clutch. Take the car to a good independent transmission shop for a proper diagnosis.


If the diagnosis points to pricey work, I’d move to something newer and safer if your budget allows for it. Just my two cents since you asked.


How do you use the Dodge Colt? Do you need the car to I commute to work? If so, what is the distance? If you are using the car for more than 10 miles of local travel, it’s probably time to move on.
Does the Colt show signs of rustout? If so, it probably isn’t worth repairing.

Rockauto seems to have clutch parts for it, so if you like it, I might have a trusted shop take a look. But at 26 years old, it has lived a long life. What shape’s it in, otherwise? How many miles?

I have a more years per car polity. Have a good transmission shop diagnose. It sounds like a clutch problem to me. Have a compression check on the engine. If the car passes the compression check fix the clutch and keep with good PM. If it fails compression check time to move on.

I wouldn’t spend $10.00 repairing it.