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1994 Chrysler New Yorker bad lope at idle

bad lope at idle, otherwise runs great!! put new plugs and wires, but still lopes.


verb (used without object), loped, lop·ing. move or run with bounding steps, as a quadruped, or with a long, easy stride, as a person. canter leisurely with a rather long, easy stride, as a horse.

verb (used with object), loped, lop·ing. cause to lope, as a horse.
4.the act or the gait of loping.
5.a long, easy stride.

Please tell us which definition of “lope” you are using.

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My best guess via cyberspace is that you have a vacuum leak.
When you have a vehicle that is more than 2 decades old, there are a lot of possibilities, but I think that looking for a leak in one of the vacuum hoses is the best place to start.

interesting diagnosis for a bad lope.

I’ve been scratching my head over that one. If you have a clue what “bad lope” means, please tell us.

Unsteady idle speed at regular intervals?

Try cleaning/replacing the Idle Air Control valve.,1994,new+yorker,3.5l+v6,1066092,fuel+&+air,idle+air+control+(iac)+valve,6072