1994 Chevy Beauville starting problems

Hello Everyone, I own a 1994 Chevy Beauville. 12 passenger G-30 (1 ton) with 48k on the 305 V-8. Starting last year I have had problems starting it. At first it was just having to crank it 5 or 10 times. This was random, sometimes weeks would go by with no problems. But it became more frequent as the year wore on. Then twice, while driving, the motor shut off. The check engine light would come on and it would take the usual 5 to 10 cranks it start it. By the time I got to the local garage the light would be off and the set codes would show nothing likely to fix. Continued this year so finally left it at shop for a week. Not once did it act up, so rolled the dice and installed a rebuilt distributor last week. Took it for a drive yesterday and after 15 miles of driving the motor shut off twice within a mile. Would not restart so had it towed back to garage. Several codes where set so they started looking. Spark tester showed no spark so they put on a test coil and it started right up. Switched back to my coil and, of course, it started right up. They checked for voltage drop but it’s ok. Also checked for loose wires. Now when they start it, it runs for 15 seconds and stalls. Saw this happen multiple times. They are scratching their heads. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Jeff

When the engine stalls, is there still loss of spark? Did the mechanic switch the test coil back in? If this problem is consistant, your mechanic should be able to monitor the power and signel inputs to see what is disappearing when the engine stalls.

Good luck on this. Post back the solution when you get the problem corrected.

Thank you for your response. Talked with mechanic today. Turns out they found 2 things. First, the module on rebuilt distributor was out of spec, so they replaced it. Second, the connector for engine module had a bent pin. It was for a “power feed” to motor. They straightened pin and ran it for 45 minutes. No problems. I took it for a 45 minute test drive and it runs good. Keeping my fingers crossed.