1994 Buick Regal bucking

A few months ago when I moved to Reno I picked up a 1994 Buick regal 3.8. Overall for what I paid for the car I don’t have much to complain about.

One thing is driving my crazy. As I’m driving there seems to be some minor bucking, almost like having bad gas).

I took the car to Buick for a diagnostic and they game me a list. I picked up all the parts myself and had my mechanic do the work.

PCV valve



Serpentine belt

O2 filter

air filter

Oil change/filter

And no guess what? It’s still doing it. It’s very minor and I may be the only one that feels it but it’s there.

I was thinking it could be the catalitic convertor, or maybe fuel injectors. Both aren’t cheap.

Does this model have any history of problems such as this and should I even worry?