1994 Buick Century

Hi, I have an 1994 Buick Century Oh YES it is a four (4) cylinder, runs really great. I’m still getting 30 miles to the gallon. :slight_smile:
But my cruise has gone out, now I have had it in the shop 3 times. :(:frowning: :frowning:

  1. Did not know it was a 4 cylinder, got the wrong part.
  2. Husband had put tape on the dash lights that stated check the engine and the anti brake lights,
    they couldn’t fix it because they didn’t notice the tape was covering these lights, and he needed a long
    time to go through the wires. ???
  3. said they had been on it for 4 hours and could not run down the problem, I was in no hurry for the car
    back, I just wanted the cruise to work. I’ve made 2 round trips that were 5 hours long, and 2 round trips that
    were 2 hours long, does anyone wonder why I want my cruise to work?

I am 66 and my knees just can’t take much more of these pushing on the accelerator for such a long period, and
the darn thing wants to do 65 all the time.

Please tell me what is the problem? So I can tel them what to look for.


Based on your post, I think you need a new shop. The commonest thing that stops cruise from working is a brake light switch that is not working right. See if your brake kights are working and that they go off when you release the brake.