1994 Blazer 4WD

This isn’t mechanical, but I’m thinking a mechanic could answer it. My '94 Chevy Blazer is covered in the back hatch area with some sort of black goo. It seems concentrated in the area around the spare tire. I’m thinking it’s either grease from when I had my fuel tank worked on, or it’s possible there was some sort of rubber(?) pad acting as a cushion where the spare tire mounts that has melted in the heat. In either event, it’s ruining my interior and anything I put in the back area. How can I clean/get rid of this?

409, Simple Green, anything like that + a stiff brush ought to be good enough.

If in fact it is grease, brake cleaner in aerosol can will clean it and not ruin your carpet or color, if it is of a crusty or extremy sticky substance try “IT” lighter fuel for zippos. In my 17yrs auto exp I have stained some cars with my grubby hands and have always come clean with these two products.