1994 4runner goes click, click ,click, boom

We just bought my daughter a 1994 Toyota 4Runner off a dealer’s lot. Two days later she braked hard for a stop light. While slowing down for the next light there was a clicking sound under the dash followed by a tremendous boom under the hood. We just spent $1,500.00 on new engine mounts and drive shaft. Ten minutes after she picked it up it did it again. Clicking followed by a boom. What is it?

This is interesting. Did you get the drive shaft and engine mounts as a result of the clicking and boom and it was suppose to fix it? Obviously if so I would go back and tell them they didn’t fix the problem. I would call this one in to the show if you haven’t already. Things I would need to know would be if it only happens when she is applying the brake or if just slowing down by letting off the gas. Well I am only guessing, but maybe a combination of things. I’m thinking automatic transmission and when she stomped on the brakes she affectevly slowed the car so fast that is messed up the gear box timing or chewed some teeth off. The clicking may sound like its under the dash inside the car but it’s more likely under the dash just beyond the firewall and now while slowing you here the clicking in the gear box and the boom is when the transmisson moves to a lower gear. Things to make note of would be what gear are you’re in when she braked hard and when the sound happens. Have someone listen out side the car and see if it happens when only moving. Another long shot for the clicking would be that she might have affected the physical connection of the cruise control shut off and it is clicking. Very hard to determine because it depends on so many variables of just how the break pedal is pressed and so on. Light or hard or it happens as the brakes grab hold and how long into the clicking does the boom happen. Does the boom happen at the same speed all the time or does it very and happen when braking at any speed or just coming to a stop. I unfortunately like the boom being a hard transmission downshift. But what do I know, call the experts!