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1993 VW Passat

93 VW Passat GLX 2.8 Standard.

Starts fine, After 5-6 minutes driving lose spark to engine, Just clicks off. Wait 2 minutes will start again, but only runs for a short time before dying again.

Driving me NUTS… Please help.

I think that car has a single coil for the ignition, and that is what it sounds like. Replace and a aftermarket one is cheaper than VW.

Thanks for the advice…i actually replace the coil already…$260…didn’t fix.

I just replaced the ECM relay tonight and the car actually ran for 25 minutes straight and then started back up. wahoo…i’m gonna take it for a test drive and see how she does. Thanks for the help.

It might be the ECM relay is being over-loaded. After the engine runs awhile, touch the ECM relay. Does it seem excessively hot?

Just a note, I believe that is the 109 relay, but I could be wrong.