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1993 Volvo sedan -- Keep it for the kids to drive?

We’ve inherited my dad’s 1993 Volvo 740 sedan. (Dad bought himself a new Mazda CR-7 that he can get into and out of much more easily than the Volvo, good for him at 80 years old!) The car has a rebuilt transmission, over 150,000 miles on it and no air bags, but otherwise runs like a dream and rides like a tank. Our kids are currently 12 and 8 and we’re thinking of keeping the car for them to drive when they get old enough. In any case we’re very likely going to turn it into an art car. Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

As long as you drive it between now and then, sure. Our kid car is my former commuter: a 1998 Buick Regal LS. They can have my 2005 Accord EX as soon as I buy the Cayman S realsoonnow

This is a great idea. Many parents of new drivers ask us to recommend a “safe” car for the offspring. How can we have the heart to tell them that 1993 Volvo 740s no longer grow in trees and they just have to settle for a Crown Vic? Maintain your Volvo & best wishes.

So this will be a 21 year-old car when the oldest can legally start driving. Hmm…While that’s not necessarily a bad thing in itself let’s look at the reality of the situation. It’s a Volvo 740, which was not a cool car even when it was new, so in 6 years it will be a 21 year-old very uncool car haha. Those poor kids, I dunno, I think I’d rather ride my bicycle than suffer the fate of showing up in that car. :wink:

Joking aside, if you like the car keep it. However, I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable letting a new driver onto the road in that car. The design of the 740 dates back to 1985, and while it was a sturdy and safe car in its day, a modern car will tear it and its occupants up in an accident. Your kids would be toast if a new 3 ton SUV ran a red light and hit them in the side. A classic to be sure, but opt for a safe car no older than 10 years for new drivers.

I’m fairly certain that a 93 Volvo will have at least a driver’s side airbag.

Dave G., I appreciate your response. But how many 3-ton SUV’s will be on the road five years from now?

My first car was 14 model years old when I started to drive. Back then, of course, it was gas-crisis, the current cars were smaller gas-sippers and my '64 Impala (of blessed memory) was the tank.

Re the “cool” factor, the boys can get out the adhesive and paint and turn this car into whatever kind of art car they want, invite their friends to help…supercool.

How many 3 ton vehicles on the road? More than you’d think. Actually the weight issue encompasses all vehicles. People aren’t aware that vehicles have been creeping up in weight at an extraordinary pace. For example, your Volvo 740 weighs in at around 3100 pounds. Now the smallest 4 seat car sold in the U.S.-a Mini Cooper S weighs in at 2750 pounds, that’s only a small car. A Land Rover LR3 which is a “mid-size” SUV weighs in at a whopping 5800 pounds. Even if SUV’s go away, a 4 door car like Chrysler makes tips the scales at 4000 pounds. See what I mean? Most new car can tear through an older car like tin foil-it actually used to be the other way around, but safety and features have brought weight up to tremendous levels.