1993 Volkswagen Eurovan - Coolant

Loosing coolant fast. Know it’s gotta be hoses. But bad old hoses replaced with aluminum hoses about 4 years ago, soooo…

If it’s loosing coolant that fast, should be easy to find leak.

Some one is going to have to get underneath and look.

No, you don’t KNOW it is hoses until you actually see the coolant leak from a hose. Never assume the answer to the problem. It will not lead you to a solution. It could be a head gasket leak or a cracked head or block.

There is no such thing as an aluminum “hose.” That would be a “pipe” or “tube.” Aluminum is rigid, hoses are not. If a length of hose was replaced by an aluminum pipe, the pipe would crack from vibration and movement. Normally short lengths of hose on each end would allow flex. Check there.