1993 Toyota

It has 159,000 miles. There is no colored smoke coming out of the exhaust, but when I go up the long, steep driveway, by the end of it, i can smell oil. I had the oil changed in February. The place that did it, overfilled it a bit. I found it out without driving it very much, around 20 miles. I went back and they let some out. I checked the oil myself before leaving and it was about 3/4 full. I checked the oil a few days ago, and it was maybe 1/4 full. The car wasn’t driven a lot over the past few years. I bought it in October, and have put about 6,000 or 7,000 miles on it since then. Mostly doing 160 mile road trips. I usually have the ETC on, because I live where there are lots of mountains. I also usually have the overdrive on.

You’re probably leaking oil from somewhere and it finds its way onto the exhaust manifold or some other hot spot. There are several spots that it can leak from.
If you poke around under the hood can you pinpoint the smell? You may need to heat the engine up and then shut it off, since the fan will likely blow whatever smoke might be generated away.

Don’t drive that car without checking the oil very frequently. Fill it to the full mark. Don’t let it run down, if you can help it.