1993 Toyota Corolla - clutch change causing motor mount problems?

I got the clutch replaced on my 1993 Toyota Corolla (~160,000mi.) by a shop and immediately afterward started having really bad front end vibration problems. I took it back to the shop & they said that changing the clutch may have caused already worn out motor mount(s) to be stressed and that was causing the vibration. They want time with the car to figure out which motor mount it might be. This means more money from me, of course, and I don’t have much left after the $800 clutch job. My question is, is it reasonable that a properly performed clutch change caused the motor mount problems? Or is this the result of sloppy work? I realize the car is old, but I have always maintained it well since I bought it in 2004. Thanks for any advice you have.

Replacing the clutch in a FWD vehicle is always an adventure and 20 year old, 160K mile motor mounts can be EXPECTED to fail from the stresses involved dropping the tranny out…It’s past time to replace them all…

By the time my Accord turned 20 (when I sold it in great shape) I learned every bit of rubber becomes delicate no matter how well you take care of it.
Hoses, mounts, bushings, seals, gaskets…

+1 to the previous responses.

By the time that a car reaches 20 years old (senior citizen status), you have to expect that many parts are reaching the end of their practical life span, or are actually past that point. And, when you are dealing with rubber parts, such as motor mounts, any type of disturbance is very likely to cause problems after 20 years.

If it makes you feel any better, velella, those motor mounts would have begun to cause problems w/in a few months anyway, even if you did not have the clutch replaced. The clutch repair just accelerated the normal aging process by about 1%.

No, the shop is not responsible for the aging of this old car.