1993 Honda Accord 137k - worth keeping?

My 93 Accord is running fine (except that motor mount is bad so car lurches a bit), but I’m debating replacing it instead of driving the long haul from Houston to Denver in an upcoming move. I got it inspected to help make the decision. Here’s the lowdown: rear brakes need to be replaced, moisture on water pump hence recommended to change external and internal belts since they’ll already be in there. Rear brakes w/anti-freeze replacement $600 ish Water pump, timing belt including all other interior and exterior belts $1,200ish. I’m saving up for a house so I’d rather not get a new car, but don’t know if it’s worth putting more money into this one. The mechanic said the water pump wasn’t an immediate need so I could just get the brakes done and ship the car for $650 and get other repairs done later. Any input would be much appreciated!

If the water pump needs to be replaced, it would be time to change the timing belt. If the timing belt breaks, the engine will self destruct. If you are going to do anything, I would certainly make this repair. The rear brake replacement and antifreeze replacement seems a little high to me at $600, but the water pump and timing belt replacement are about right.

The $650 you would spend to ship the car would cover some of $1200 in maintenance that you are now facing. If you are saving for a house, it would seem to me that now is the time to hold onto your present automobile and use the savings for a down payment on the house.

Fix the bare minimum and keep driving. If you did not have the financial hurdle of purchasing a home (far more pressing) I would say dump it. Great time to buy your first home if you can secure the loan.

Is that a Honda dealer who is quoting you about 200% of what an independent mechanic / shop would charge?
At 137,000 miles, if the timing belt has never been changed, it’s in it’s wonder period; as in, “I wonder if it will fail soon?” If you positively know that the timing belt has been changed, even at 60,000 miles, it wouldn’t be a worry. But, the water pump is leaking, and that won’t get any better. When the water pump is replaced, the timing belt must be removed to do so.