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1993 F 150 Check Engine Light @ 60

My check engine light has been coming on at 60mph. It will go off at 58 or 65mph. I could drive those speeds on the freeway, but would rather repair the problem. I’ve replaced the O2 sensor after 180,000 miles. I did notice I have a 2 inch hole in my muffler. HELP!

The engine computer should have trouble codes stored.
I think this is was made before OBD-II, so take it to a good independent shop or the Ford dealer.

On a 20 year old F-150, repair means put some black tape over the light…If the 2" hole in the muffler does not bother you, a little black tape should be no problem…

You need to pull the codes to find out what’s going on.

Your truck has the OBDI engine management system. And here’s how to pull the codes, and what they mean.