1993 Escort



My escort has a puddering problem when accelerating 55mph, but then when past that point it drives fine. Any suggestions? Maybe plugs and wires?


what is a “puddering problem”?


It kind of fels like the car shakes then after getting past that mark it runs fine. Maybe spark plugs and a fuel filter?


A vibration a only one small speed range could mean out-of-balance tires or wheels. I would have an experienced mechanic drive it with you in the passenger seat.


Does it do it at 5 mph as well as 55? If not then I would think about a wheel balance or tyre issue. You can check this out by rotating the tyres front to back and see if the problem changes. It likely will still be there, but it will feel different.


I know it’s not the tires they are new, it feels like it might be something with fuel or spark plugs, I will change the fuel filter and spark plugs and see what happens