1993 Dodge Spirit

I just bought this Dodge for 600.00 from a mechanic friend. The paint is bad there is a dent in the front from an accident and the motor mount is apparently broken. He said he forgot to fix it but it won’t hurt anything until he gets to it. He said the blue book value on the car was 1800.00 Ha I checked and it was only 250.00. Anyway the motor lifts up when YOu rev it and sucks down when you rev it in reverse. can this cause other problems?

Yes! It will put additional strain on the other mounts, possibly allow wires and/or vacuum lines to be pulled loose, possibly break the exhaust downpipe, and may lead to premature wear of the constant velocity joints.

Some of the 87 model junkers (Horizon with manual trans) had a strange front engine mount which had a bolt through it. When it came loose, the engine would do that. If automatic, push car back and forth in park. If manual, put it in fourth and push back and forth. You could see the slot for the bolt when standing up looking under the hood. Get rid of it before it kills somebody.