1993 Dodge Intrepid Transmission Problem

My grandsons 1993 Intrepid transmission will not shift into gear when the engine is hot. The transmission was recently serviced but the problem persists. Any ideas?

I would have a trans shop scan the TCM (Transmission computer) for codes. We need to see whether the computer is keeping the trans from shifting. The TCM will produce 2 digit #'s for trouble codes.


Transmans advice is very sound. Can you provide more detail as to what was done to service the transmission? Was the fluid and filter changed at a quick oil change shop? Did he do it himself? Was some major work done to it? It sounds like the problem arose soon after the transmission was serviced by some kind of service/repaiar shop. There is likely some liability here and you want to document in writing as much as possible what has happened and what the transmission shop diagnoses. It may not amount to a big deal but if it does work you want to be protected.

Good Luck

These transmissions in this year were prone to problems. I’d guess an internal seal is leaking or a problem with the solenoid pack. Like Transman said, you really won’t know until a diagnostic is done. The electronic diagnostics on these are pretty good (as they need to be with this tranny) and will hopefully give you a working diagnosis. On the plus side, even if it costs to rebuild the tranny, a proper rebuild with the right parts will bring it up to today’s standards and you (hopefully) shouldn’t have any trouble with it for a long time. I went through this with my 94’ LHS.

Thanks for responding. The transmission would not shift into drive once the engine heated up, so we took the car to a very reliable transmission shop. The system was flush, and all fluids changed. All seals were intact, no leaking.
I’m wondering if a faulty thermostat may be the problem, is that possible?