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1993 Chrysler Imperial

I started to take apart the brake pedal assembly, then learned the car had a recall on it.
My problem is I can’t get the rod that comes off the master cylinder to line up with the pin that connects it to the brake pedal so I can get it back together.
It seems that the bracket for the brake stop gets in the way

You mean it all aligned ok, then you took it apart, onlyl to decide to simply put it back together the way it was? hmm, that’s puzzling … well, that rod can usually be rotated. Maybe it just needs a 180.

The rod comes from the brake booster, not the master cylinder and rotating it changes its length. If you haven’t rotated more than a few degrees, just rotate it back into place. Having just done this on a Honda, I have to wonder how they do it at the factory when he support wraps around three sides of the rod with very little clearance, and this has to be the last step in the sequence. That is one job I would not want to have. You would think they would have their engineers working on an easier design.

Good luck getting recall service on a 20 year old car made by a company that has changed hands several times…