1993 chevy silverardo

there is a knocking noise coming from passenger side dash i turn the key on it starts tell maybe i get down the road, when i turn the truck off it knock for like 25 secs. i just got the truck didn’t find out until i took it home. any cheap fixes would help or a quick fix for the time being until i get the money to fix it would be nice

The noise is probably coming from a defective recirculation door actuator.

Here’s a video of the problem.


thank you i opened my glove box and pulled the black thing out i see what ur talking about

i have yet to pull it off and open it tho. i will repost when i do so

hey that didnt work… it still does it…

it still knocks when i tuyrn the key on

You know you can put more then one line in a post don’t you???

sure do… you know this post is to help dont you?

Actually it is…because many people get turned off by post after post after post by the same poster. Thus you’re missing out on someone who actually might be able to help you out.