1993 cherokee sport 4x4


I always run my car with low gas o almost empty tank.car never fail to me. I stop using my car for one month now star but only for about 30 seconds then stops again it keeps doing that over and over please give a good tips how to fix my car or what is the problem ?


I think you should check the fuel filter, since you would always use it in almost empty, it might have taken in alot of dirt, which may cause low fuel preassure. I think it might be the cheapest thing to do first. If you havent done it.


First, always running your car close to empty is a bad idea for a number of reasons and could have caused your problem. I would suggest starting by adding a few additional gallons of fuel. Then I would suggest making sure all basic maintenance items are up to date. That includes air, fuel and oil filters plugs and plug wires.

Why do you like to keep your fuel so low?


Also is your car now parked on a hill?


Iam really appreciate your time and comments it worked for me.