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1993 cadillac Seville trunk closing problem

Dear Guys, I have a 1993 Cadillac Seville and it is a great car except that the other night when I closed the trunk and expected it to electronically close…it didn’t. Instead a loud buzzing noise occurred. When I tried it again, the same thing. The mechanism doesn’t grab the lid and pull it closed. I disconnected the wire harness that’s attached to the mechanism and now I can close the trunk partially and lock it. Could you please help me as I am handicapped and have two sons that seem to have disapeared when I needed them.

Thank you guys

My Guess Is That You Need A “New” (Used) Trunk Latch/Grabber/Puller Mechanism.

I’d figure out how to activate it with the trunk open (Without getting any fingers or body parts caught in it) and see what it does. The loud buzzing is probably a sign that it’s getting power, but the latch mechanism is bad. If it can’t be fixed by seeing something obviously wrong with it (like a gym shoe caught in it) then one of those sons may have to replace the latch.

Call a dealer and find out how much the new part costs. Then try a couple recycling yards and see if you can get one for a fraction of the cost.