1993 Cadillac Fleetwood - Gas smell from exhaust

When car was running I could smell a lot of gas coming from exhaust. It cut out while driving. Put in shop they came seem to find what is wrong with it. Say may be electrical but I don’t even no the right place to take it to. Any ideas?

This has the 350 Chevy engine with throttle body fuel injection. It could be something wrong with the fuel injection, or maybe ignition, like a spark plug is bad. You need to find an independent shop (not a chain) with some older mechanics that know how to deal with this 28 year old car.

see if their are any car clubs in your area, I will bet there is. ask them who they use. you might be surprised how many people in these clubs who are willing to help you out.

Have somebody check if the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm in the throttle body has ruptured.