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1993 buick century fast idle

My son says his 3.3 liter, 1993 Buick Century idle is fast. I have no other details. I plan to visit him shortly and was wondering if you could guide me for what to look for and hopefully, inexpensively, fix this.

I’ve have done some research and found that it may be that the Idle Air Control need cleaning. Can I do that easily without removing any parts …ie with carb cleaner? Can you suggest a link to a site for further information … diagrams …locations…etc?

Any other probable causes for the fast idle?

Thank You.

To properly clean the IAC, it should be removed. DO NOT USE CARB CLEANER. Use THROTTLE BODY CLEANER. It has been reformulated to not damage sensors attached to the throttle body, like th IAC. Also, look for vacuum leaks.

Good tips, knuckles. It could also be a faulty CTS (coolant temperature sensor) telling the computer that the car is still “cold”, putting the car in fast idle. The IAC may be working, just doing what it’s “told” to do.
I’d start by getting the trouble codes, I’ll bet there is one or two.