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1992 VW Golf manual 5th gear shift

Owned for 2 years - gears are starting to slip - going up hill is sometimes like waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio! Clutch? or??? Thanks to any one who can advise!

Maybe. Can you smell the faint bouquet of burning clutch fibers. This vintage is likely appointed with the much hated “self adjusting clutch cable”. Feel free to replace it with the old fashioned plain vanilla clutch cable. Don’t open your trans without checking out this infamously awful clutch cable.

no my friend…i know that faint bouquet only tooooooooooooo well…had enough relics to know. If it WAS the clutch cable i’d be happy - very inexpensive to replace ! thanks for the input .

Manual transmissions do not “slip.” Clutches slip. Either from wear or improper adjustment. If the engine is revving and the car is not accelerating, it’s the clutch, not the transmission.

Excellent - thanks for you input! I’ll check the clutch!