1992 Toyota Previa Overdrive Problem

Good day,

I have a 1992 Toyota Previa AllTrac that vibrates when shifting in to top gear with overdrive on. The sound and sensation is almost exactly like going over those “rumble strips” when approaching a toll booth. The vehicle has a manual override for the overdrive - turning OD off eliminates the noise. Vehicle seems to shift normally in all other gears. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Matt Heffron

Just to clarify - The vibration is not constant. It lasts maybe 1/2 second during shifting then stops.

How many miles? When was the last time you have the transmission fluid changed?

Thanks for the reply. Mileage is 255333, and I have no idea of the maintenance history on the vehicle - I just aquired the little beastie yesterday.


Sounds like torque converter clutch shutter. If you don’t know when the tranny fluid was serviced last, you might start there.