1992 Tempo spark plugs



My car keeps dying, last time this happened I changed the spark plugs, I think its about time I do it again. However, and you’re all going to laugh at me for this incredibly embarrassing blunder but my spark plugs seem to be “stuck” inside. I popped off the wires, and struggled to pull them out, I tried 3 different pairs of pliers (varying from normal to needlenose) and still couldn’t budge the thing. I heard some fords have bizarrely shaped spark plugs and need a special tool? Yes no? I tried everything, they wouldn’t budge. No thanks to my power steering hose which runs right in the way neither.


You may think that you have the spark plugs completely unscrewed, but, give them a few more turns, to be 100% positive. If the power steering hose is in the way, dismount the power steering pump and move the pump and hoses aside. You don’t have to disconnect the hoses. Use a piece of hose to go over the end of the spark plugs to lift them out.


I hope I’m not missing something by suggesting you use a spark plug socket (5/8 standard) on a standard ratchet wrench. All of my sockets had a rubber insert that holds the spark plug in the socket as I remove them. I also spray a shot of WD-40 on the rubber insert before using it, so the insert doesn’t stick to the plug. I had this happen a couple of times in my youth before trying the WD-40 thing. It’s a pain trying to get that piece of rubber off when the plug is recessed in the head, like on a Hemi.

Hmmmmm. 1992. 16 years old. Have you done a complete tune-up? This car should also require a cap and rotor and maybe even a new wire set. Also, air filter, fuel filter, and PVC valve. I mention this, because, these items usually need replacement along a similar interval with the spark plugs. Like, I replace the cap and rotor every time with spark plugs, and the wires every other time. The fuel filter will typically last 50,000 miles, every 4 changes of the spark plug. And air filter and PVC valve is checked every time, and changed as required.


you aren’t using a pair of pliers to actually remove the spark plugs are you?

go buy a spark plug socket. and a 6" extension for the ratchet.

if you ARE using pliers you are really lucky you haven’t broken off a plug yet trying to remove them.


You have unscrewed them with a real spark plug wrench, right?

How long ago (miles) did you replace them last? How many miles now? Have you ever replaced the plug wires?


No idea what you’re doing here but it’s not likely at all the spark plugs have anything to do with the engine dying. I also have no idea what you’re talking about by bizarrely shaped plugs and special tools needed.
With the plugs loosened I always use a short length of thick wall vacuum tubing to remove and install plugs.

Depending on the exact symptoms a dying engine could be caused by an Idle Air valve, fuel pump, ignition switch, or even the infamous TFI-IV ignition module.

This post is a bit hard for me to follow, or really even comprehend, since the OP says they changed the plugs previously so I don’t understand what the problem is now.
From this post it appears a socket has not even been used to unscrew the plugs???


The bizzar shaped plugs have no relevance to a 92 tempo. A really strange shaped new plug ( motorcraft # PZT-1F ) was introduced in the 5.4 L 3-valve F150/250 begining late 04 up.


what I’m doing or at least trying to do is change my spark plugs. I tried a 5/8th ratchet, and unscrewed it a lot but they still seemed stuck. I think I replaced the plugs about 10,000 kilometers ago in summer 2006. (The car was parked for 07-08 as I was away) Evidently judging by the date and the wear on the plugs, that was the only time they were ever changed. (the plugs said 1992 on them and when they were changed, there was HUGE difference in car performance). My wires were done at the same time. The engine doesn’t die while driving, just after starting. Sometimes I have to start it up to 5 or 6 times to get the engine to keep running. Usually it has to warm up a bit, if I start it and then try to move shortly after I will stall.


A quick look shows some of the Ford plugs are odd ones due to the reach but they should still be removeable with a deep socket. Chances are the odd plugs require a 9/16 deep socket.

OP, based on your car’s symptoms it sounds like one of two things. One could be a dirty or faulty Idle AIr Control valve (cleaning may help) and the other could be a failing fuel pump.
The reason behind the fuel pump diagnosis is that the pumps have a check valve that is designed to maintain fuel pressure in the system while the engine is not running.
What is happening when the engine repeatedly starts and dies is that it is taking time for the air to be forced out of the system.

As a sort of semi-check you might try turning the key to the RUN position for a few seconds. Turn it off for a second and repeat the process. Do this about half a dozen times, start it then, and see if it runs without dying. If it does, then the pump is at fault. Hope that helps.


10,000 kilometers? The pugs should still be fine. I’d say it’s the idle air controller, like OK said.


Same thing with the 3V 4.6s too, IIRC.

To the OP, if just a tiny little bit of pressure on the accelerator pedal will keep it running, it is probably the Idle AIr Control as OK suggested.