1992 Saturn won't start

Car died when driving, no warning, no shaking, just died. The car tries to turn over but won’t. Has gas and commpression but no spark. All lights work and eletrical. Replaced coils, cps, and alternator. Checked wire connections nothing I can see out of normal. I’m going crazy trying to fix it.

Check for blown fuses. If that checks out okay, you may have a bad ignition module. Those are not uncommon on GM’s of this era. A bad coil will usually cause a misfire, and I have never seen two coils fail simultaneously. Why did you replace the alternator??? A bad alternator will not cause an ignition system failure. Was it an unrelated repair?

It was an unrelated repair.

If your car has a timing belt that would be a good place to look.

That’s exactly what I was thinking - but then I looked and this car had a chain rather than a belt.

However - it is a '92 and one must still wonder about the chain.

Fatherrahl - had you noticed any kind of rattling noises going on underneath the hood? Passenger’s side maybe?

There is no rattling noises, the chain is in good condition