1992 Lumina APV heater core

How do i replace my heater core. It just started leaking into the passenger floor side of the interior.

Disconnect the heater hoses under the hood to relieve any coolant pressure.

If you want to use the van during the core changing process, just splice and clamp the two hoses end to end and tie them up out of the way.

Unless, a shop is doing the work of course.

My Haynes repair manual for my 2000 Olds Silhouette says you need to remove sound insulator panels and knee bolster, remove floor air duct, etc.

Your may need to remove other obstacles to gain access.

Place a catch-all pan under the heater core before you move the core and spill coolant.

No doubt there will be covers to remove before the heater core.

The labor involved is the reason for a high repair cost when replacing the heater core.

After the old core is out, pull up the wet carpet and padding (if any) to enable it to dry out.