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1992 Jeep Cherokee - Not ready to give it up

I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee, my most recent mechanic is telling me to donate. But i would love to have second opinion. I am looking for a Jeep mechanic that might be able to help me…just not quite ready to let go. If interested please contact me- thank you

You don’t need a Jeep mechanic for a 1992 Cherokee. There is nothing exotic about it. Any good shop can give you a second opinion . And since you did not list why you were told to donate web people will not know whether to agree or disagree .


Here is y opinion.
If you don’t itemize yourself income taxes you get nothing for donating.
If you do itemize you will get very little.
If you scrap it, you will get something.

But, like Volvo-V70 said, any shop can work on a 92.


Just in case you DO decide to donate…Public Radio's Most Trusted Car Donation Program | Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

I know that I’m going out on that proverbial limb with this thought, but…
Knowing the state & county in which you reside might be helpful if you are looking for a mechanic recommendation.

Surely you don’t expect anyone to be able to accurately diagnose your (undisclosed) car problems via cyberspace, and give you valid advice without being able to examine the vehicle directly.

And, as was already stated, any competent mechanic should be able to give you an accurate assessment of the vehicle after being able to examine it in person.

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What’s wrong with it? Plenty of parts available, but they do rust.

These vehicles are still pretty popular with off-roaders. You may be able to get decent money for it if it is salvageable. But do tell us what problems you are having.