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1992 Honda Accord won’t start

1992 Honda Accord will not start. Sounds like it almost but does not. Just had the injectors cleaned, put on new cap and rotor in getting good spark. New spark plugs and wires about a year ago.

Did the car start before you had the injectors cleaned?

Check fuel pump relay or fuel pump itself.

No I thought the injectors were fouled so I had them tested and cleaned. They were dirty before I had them cleaned but they also worked. The #1 cylinder was dry and 2,3,4 were wet that’s why I thought the injectors were fouled. The guy at n.a.p.a said are you sure that’s not the only one firing. I don’t know what to think now.

The cylinders are getting fuel. The spark plugs are wet when I checked. After I replaced the cap and rotor the spark on all was crisp. The #1 cylinder is the only one dry , I believe it is the only one firing.

Why not check for sparks on the wet ones. Lot of videos on youtube.