1992 Chrysler LeBaron - Wire harness fixed it

My 92 lebaron was in limp mode locked in 2nd gear automatic 4spd…changed many parts the finally unwrapped wire harness near the trans also near exhaust and radiator hose and trans lines…any place there was heat…I did not see broken or burnt wires but did see where wires were stuck together. I gently pulled these wires apart…then lo n behold …first thing I seen was the tachometer was working, then took for a ride and all gears shifted good…I did change in out solenoids on trans and changed filter and fluid and changed both PCM and TCM…used of course…but nothing till I took apart wire harness under the car…whewwww easy pesssy…but took a month of headaches.


Good info, good for you for sticking with it. Might make sense to consider to replace that section of the wiring harness at some point. Or remove it and repair anything that looks even remotely damaged on the work bench. There’s a product called “heat shrink tubing” that can be used to easily renew damaged insulation.

I had a problem w/my Corolla years ago, acid from a leaking battery decanted down the inside of a major wire harness and ate up a splice deep down. The symptom was the alternator stopped charging the battery as I recall. It was quite a job taking that wiring harness completely apart searching for the problem, took many hours, and fixing the splice was no easy task either as the wires involved were really thick, needed to purchase a huge soldering iron to generate enough heat. I keep a closer watch for leaks on my batteries now.