1992 Buick Roadmaster - Battery drain help

When parked for 4-5 days Battery Drain want start. Put New Alternator, New Battery, one at time so far pulled fuse, air shock , 4 days No Start, I pulled fuse for clock and radio same problem this is on a 35000 6 door limeo! open, a for suggestions I am thinking about put a cut off switch on battery? HOBBY IN COLLECTING CARs.any help on checking?

You need to connect an ammeter between the negative battery post and negative battery cable (disconnected of course) and check the draw in Millamperes. Remove and replace all fuses one at a ttime until you find the circuit with the draw. Then it has to be traced from there.

Without knowing if you have a VOM or the imits of your expertise you might try removing the trunk light bulb and see what happens. Over time body flex and vibration can throw switches out of whack and create a “did the light in the fridge really go off off when the door was shut” situation.

Here is a link you can refer to for help on this issue.


If it takes four days, it might be intermittent that will be harder to find. The usual suspects are the air shock controller, trunk, glove box light, and I’ve had the door button short out and turn the interior lights on-but only every once in a while. Just gonna have to keep that meter or test light on until it does it and then start pulling fuses to figure out the circuit.

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I had an alternator draining the battery so I put in a toggle switch so I wouldn’t have to disconnect the big wire every night. I could have bought a rebuilt but the car was kind of a junker.

Thanks, for the Help, Will try what You suggest, A Big THANKS!