1992 4 cyl 1.8L Engine ticking... what type oil is best?

Sorry, to get back to you late on this…the Corvid thing threw life into a tailspin. This did help (club3gcom) … reduced ticking about 80% in volume but it is still noticeable just not as sharp or as loud. Thanx for the help…easier to live with.

The first and second gen 4G63 is known for noisy lifters… Nobody does anything about them and they keep on running…

You could attempt to use some Rislone in your oil to free any stuck lifters…and outside of that you can increase the oil viscosity slightly and not use such thin oil that you might be using. If using 10W/30…go to 10W/40… but not past that, as it gets too thick.

Man, you are definitely old school :older_man:

I haven’t heard that brand name mentioned in 20 years . . .


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So you recommend Marvells Mystery Oil?

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The OP’s DSM vehicle doesn’t have that engine, the title reads “1.8L engine”.

While the valves in the “Colt” engine might be subject to excessive noise, it is not the same engine as the 2.0 L DOHC engine.

Ah yes… You are correct @Nevada_545 the DOHC was the 2.0…sorry I think I’m starting to screw up my Mitsu 4 cyl lineage…its not an easy lineage to remember in its entirety either. When I wrote that, something in the back of my mind was trying to raise its hand to tell me what you just did, but it didn’t get thru. Didn’t both engines have noisy lifters despite their complete and total head difference? My last 4G6x was 17 yrs ago, not as sharp on the topic anymore. Good catch Nevada, keep me on my toes man.

Haha @db4690 Old School? Rislone? Yeah man…yes to both. Ah Rislone, the Bluest Kerosene of them all ! Honestly I just saw a bottle on the shelf at the job site so it was fresh in my mind, haven’t used the stuff in a loooong time but I do recall using it in my day.

Yes @Barkydog I do still love me some Marvel Mystery Oil…I love the smell so much I try to come up with uses for it. A dab behind each ear for that Wintergreen smell to cover up the gasoline smell, the ladies love it. Also the name, the name cannot be beat…Marvell Mystery Oil…used to come in metal cans with tiny screw on caps. When you act like you know what to do with Mystery Oil, people take notice since to them it is a total Mystery you see.

“He poured something called ““Mystery Oil”” in the engine and a little in the fuel”! …“How come you didn’t do that”? “I dunno” Hmmmm yeah this guy knows his stuff… Both nod in agreement… LOL


My comment was actually about Rislone