1991 Tracker please help

I replaced the engine control mo-dual on my tracker but now I here this constant clicking sound cumming form the area of the ECM. The car has power radio, lights, horn etc…but will not turn over anyone have any ideals?

Let Me Start This Off By Asking A Few Questions, Please.

Why did you replace the ECM (Engine Control Module) ?
What was the original problem, specifically ?

Where did you get the ECM . . . new, salvage yard . . . did it have an identical part number or was it from a vehicle (same model-year, make, model) identically equipped ?

Did the car sit for a while ? How Long ?
Did you disconnect the battery when you swapped modules ?

I’d first check the battery for being good and fully charged, with good cables and connections (all of them - both cables, both ends). Maybe the problem is just the battery power getting to the starter. Poor connections or a poor battery can cause the symptoms you are working with in this Tracker.


I know you didn’t ask for spelling advice, but I think the word you are looking for is “coming.” Let’s try to keep it clean! :wink:

Hmmmm…Maybe we have found the source of the problem.
Perhaps the ECM needs to have an “extraneous substance” cleaned off of it.


I have some ideals, just no ideas.