1991 toyota tercel



i wont stay running when i go to slow down after driving like you on the freeway your coming to the top of the exit and the car dies…i wont start but then it does i have it a tune up and replaced the distributer with a used thinking it was the crank shaft? anyway helped some but not all the way exhause was check and i have ok pressure i have a little to mcuh back pressue but they say that wouldnt cause it to just stop and then some times restart and the car runs great when it going…although it has just developed a wourrring noise maybe that is berrings in wheels? but main concern is the just quit running thing


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We use the forum rather than contact directly so we can work together to come up with better advice.

I’ll try to summarize the statement.

  1. When you come off the freeway the car dies and won’t start again.
  2. You did a tuneup (details?) and replaced the distributor with a used one thinking the problem was the crank shaft (explain please). Helped some, but ont much.
  3. The exhaust was checked and you have okay pressure, but a little too much back pressure (explain please).
  4. The car runs great when it’s going except for a whirring noise that may be a wheel bearing.

Much of the post makes no sense, for example changing the distributor has zero to do with the crank shaft, but I suspect that’s due to the language barrier. So I’ll assume that to be true.

You need to start with a compression check of the engine. I suspect it’s just worn out, just does not have enough “oomph” left to keep turning itself over when it’s hot and everything is expanded. If that’s true, a good tuneup with all new parts (not used parts) and new filters may help. Dying in the heat is also a sign of a failing ignition coil, so you may want to change that also. But it’ll never run like new again, so don’t expect too much.

The whirring noise should be looked at by a good shop. If the bearing is bad it could be an accident waiting to happen.

But, honestly, I think it’s time to look for a replacement.


If it was me I would get starting fluid, NOT wal-mart brand. when it dies squirt some in the air intake the closer to the motor the better. Then hurry and crank engine.
If this works might be low commpression.
I had 2 cars like that and drove them a long time doing this, keep oil level up, If it does not work then you can look at ingnition.