1991 olnd 98 rengency

my car doese not start up like it should.had the fuel pressure tested.new pressure regulator new cam censor.the pressure is 40 to 42 psi. what else can it be . it was said the fuel doese not go back to the tank please help before i go crazy

oh yes new plugs and wires and new mass air flow sencer

my car doese not start up like it should.

 Could you be more specific.  Does it start up like it should not?  

Describe exactly what happens when you turn the key. Tell us what you hear and feel. There are lots of ways for a car not to start or to start but not to start as it should. Is it weather dependent, engine hot or cold etc.

turns over but doese not fire for a frew seconds like 5 or6 than i pump gas pettle and thans fires up