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1991 mercury grand marquis

having trouble with my transmission dropped the pan to clean and change oil found a white nylon valve and stem with a o ring on it about 1 inch long 1/2 inch wide anybody know what it can be picture attached

Did you find this lying in the pan?

This must be you very first trans service and therefore may explain some trouble you’re having.

throw it out.
It is used only during assembly to hold some oil in the body of the trans.
Then at first start up…PT…pop goes the weasel, and there it sits until you first trans service when you…

throw it out.

Good grief, a 1991 on it’s first trans service. Any bets next week it will be, “why didn’t a trans service cure the trans problems on my 1991 grand marquis ?”

I’m betting on “trans service killed my Marquis”. They probably just put the comma in the wrong place. You know 300,000 instead of 30,000.