1991 honda civic

i was driving along when my car just stoped. it did not start agian and i had to get it towed. my cousin thinks its the alternator but i had a new one put in about a year or so ago. can it be the gas pump? or what can it be?

What did it do when you tried to start it again?
How old is the battery?
Were there any other symptoms?
Why exactly does your cousin suspect the alternator?

How many miles are on it, and when was the last time the timing belt was replaced?

A car does not “just stop” because of a bad alternator, unless you are completely running down the battery. Since you had enough juice to start the engine, that would mean a long distance before that happened.

Your cousin is just guessing and it would be good to politely iginore his comments.

Cars “just stop” for a number of reasons; timing belt snaps, fuel pump fails, fuel line clogged up, air filter completely plugged, ect.

Best give us the mainteance you have done on this car so far, so we can narrow it down more.

when i tried to start it again it would crank or sound as if it wants to start but dont. the battery is less than 2 years old. honestly there were no other symptoms i can remember. i put gas in it about 10 mins before and it started no problem at the gas station.i have no clue why my cousin thinks its the alternator. he wants to get it started but it wont. we tried jump-starting but nothing. there is about 170,000 miles on the car. when i had the engine seal and etc redone i also had the timing belt change since it would be cheaper. that was about 2/2.5 years ago.

How many miles have you put on the car since you had the timing belt changed?

170,000 about 2 or so years ago

You have driven the car 170,000 miles in 2 years?
That means your timing belt is w-a-a-a-y overdue for changing.
IIRC, the timing belt on this car is supposed to be changed every 60k miles, so it is very possible that the sudden stopping of the engine is due to a snapped timing belt.

How many total miles are on the odometer?

i can double check the timing belt…20,000 miles in 2 years. 170,000 miles total.

the alternator, radiator and hose etc, spark plugs, engine seals etc are all 2 years old. the only thing i know it needs is rotors and a brake line flush.

First you need to determine if you’ve lost spark or fuel. Remove a spark plug wire and connect it to a spare plug. Hold the plug body (the threaded parts) against the engine to ground it and have a friend try starting the engine. You should see the plug fire. Wear a leather glove you you don’t burn or startle yourself. Those little burns can hurt.

If you have spark, then try spraying some starter fluid into the intake plenum and see if it fires. If it does, you’ll need to disconect the fuel line and see if you have fuel pressure.

Post back with the results.

Crank with no start. Sounds like the PGMFI relay problem common to that generation of honda.