1991 Ford Tempo - Chokes and stops

when gas pedal is pressed car starts choking down and will eventually stops

  1. How many miles and how long have you owned the vehicle???
  2. What maintenance have you done on this 31 year old vehicle??
    spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap & rotor button, timing belt, air & fuel filter, throttle body cleaning??
  3. How long has it been running like this?? overnight or over a period of time?

Compression test?

Pulled any codes?? around 33 seconds in…

EDIT: Fuel pressure??
Are you sure you have gas in it??

One possibility, a path has opened up allowing unmetered air to enter engine. All the air that goes into engine is measured, done so the proper amount of fuel can be injected. More air means more fuel is needed. There’s a backup system using the O2 sensor(s), but it becomes difficult just using the O2 sensor(s) for the engine computer to compensate, especially immediately after the driver presses on the accelerator pedal, which allows a big bolus of air into engine.

When the O2 sensor system isn’t matching the air measuring system, that produces a drivetrain computer parameter called “fuel trim”. Suggest to start the diagnostic process by asking your shop to take a look at the engine’s fuel trim data. Fairly easy for a shop to do using a scan tool. Not an overly expensive test. You are welcome to post the fuel trim data here as well, probably will get some ideas.