1991 Ford Aerostar problems starting



I have a 1991 Ford Aerostar, 3.0L V6, with an automatic transmission that won’t start. I recently changed the spark plugs, and everything was good, but one of the wires was laying on the manifold, so I had to replace the spark plug wires. I also replaced the distributor cap and rotor. When I did this, I got the two of the cylinders out of order. I made it about 200 ft down the block, and the engine died.

Currently, the engine turns over, but no combustion is happening. I have checked (and rechecked) my firing order, and I get spark across the plugs. Does anybody have any ideas that can help me narrow down what I am up against?




[b]Try spraying a little starting fluid into the intake system. If the engine starts and runs for a second or two, then there’s a fuel delivery problem.



Just wanted to let folks know, I found the problem. My brand new rotor has broken itself in two. I replaced that , and it works fine.