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1991 Corolla - front light won’t flip up in the rain

I have a 1991 Toyota Corolla sports coupe. It has the flip up lights. The right light will not flip up if the weather is cold or rainy. It seems to work fine in the summer. Do you know what is causing this problem?

This antique shouldn’t be driven in the rain.

Sounds like something electrical is getting wet, or something needs oil/grease because it’s binding. Does it move at all?

What an unhelpful reply. Believe it or not, millions of people drove these kind of cars through snow, ice, rain, and wind. Just because there aren’t many of them left now doesn’t mean they’re any less safe today than they were 25 years ago. In fact, the first car I ever owned was a 1988 Toyota Corolla, and I drove it through inclement weather many times. That car was destroyed in an accident due to skidding on ice, and I was not injured in any way.

And of course, I suspect that the problem OP is having is either old, hardened lubricant making parts bind up, or a poor/intermittent electrical connection of some kind. This should be a fixable problem.