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Toyota Corolla not starting in the rain

We have changed the battery and checked the starter and I still have to jump it everytime it rains. Its a 2005 car and it works fine besides this . Any ideas?

So the problem is that it won’t even crank over without a jump start in the wet weather but starts and runs OK after that . . . starts and runs normally after the jump? Rocketman


Clean the connections from start to end . . . start at the battery and go through all connections, clean and sparkly. How long since you changed your spark plugs and wires? maybe it’s time if they’re on there since 2005. Rocketman

To add a little to Rocketman’s reply, check and clean BOTH ends of each cable. You also may want to try flexing the cable a little (They can go bad internally.)

Since it does not even turn over, it is not likely the spark plugs or wires, but If you don’t know how old they are, replacement is still a good idea. Get OEM grade cables and plugs, not the fancy fat, colored ones. They generally are more expensive and less functional.